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Escape from Sparrow island
By andersonmat and Wave
*Wakes up and rolls over to stand up*
Sam: “The bed was hard and the familiar moisture in the prison clung to me. The air was thick and I could hear the ocean beating against the island outside my window.”
*Looks out window and then at the door*
Sam: “The guards were making their usual morning strolls. “
*Guard Taps on the Cell Door*
Sam: “This was the day that it happened… The day that would change the rest of my life.”
*Looks out Window*
Sam: “Today was the day that I escaped from Sparrow Island”
*Camera zooms out window into rising sun*
(Fade Out)

Part 1:
Sam: “The explosion shook the jail…”
*Building with Bomb Exploding – (Garry’s Bombs 3)*
Sam: “It all happened so fast… It was like I wasn’t in control anymore…”
Sam: “My ears rang and I could smell the smoke hanging in the air. I’d done it—my plan was working…”
*Pans across Prisoners fighting with guards*
Sam: “I made it out, but what are you supposed to do when you’re on an island in the middle of the ocean? Swim? Hah, yeah right…”
*Sam Laughing*
Sam: “That was when I spotted it—the transportation boat that was bringing new prisoners here…”
*Zooms in on boat*
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